Ottawa Champions


We offer a selection of suites to choose from, where you may host up to 12 guests. Each suite offers a stunning game perspective with the luxury of climate-control and an in-suite menu.

Provided are 12 outdoor seats and general space indoors. Most suites are equipped with a private washroom, bar area, and fridge.

The cost for a suite is $350 and includes 12 tickets to the game as well as light refreshments. Extra tickets are $20 each.

            Ottawa Lynx Suite                                      Toronto Blue Jays Suite               

Ottawa Lynx Logo                            500px-toronto_blue_jays_logo-svg

               Champions Suite                                         Montreal Expos Suite                      Champs_logo                   1024px-Montreal_Expos_Logo.svg                                                                 

             Champs Suite                                              Sebastien Boucher Suite                                                      DSC00237                                    1011166-lancien-voltigeur-capitales-sebastien-boucher (1)